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Gold Star Herbals is a UK wholesale supplement manufacturer, where you can buy top quality herbal products at the lowest wholesale prices. Lead times starting at just 2 days, we also welcome clients needing "just in time manufacturing. All of our herbal health products are formulated by a highly qualified chemist and produced in the UK, and in the USA for our US clients. Our niche market strengths are due to producing in-house - low minimums on supplement manufacturing, allowing companies to buy small amounts of new formula's so they can test the market and build a brand without major investment. Lowest prices on big volume orders including all muscle building and diet products.


Ready Branded, Live Well Vits - From 20 bottles, Fat strippers, Appetite suppressants, Carb blockers, Turmeric, T5, T6, Muscle Products, Branded Or Your Private Label any formula.

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Exceeding GMP Code of Practice, our factory is also regularly audited and accredited by major companies and independent authorities, possesses the BS: EN ISO9001:2000 standard and is FDA and EPA registered.

Our procurement team work alongside the technical experts in the sourcing and approval of raw herbal materials, ultimately used in the manufacture of our supplement product formulations.

As a volume user and importer of top quality raw materials, we have developed long standing relationships with suppliers across the globe to guarantee consistently high quality materials used at all times in any formulation manufactured.

Simply look through our extensive stock list, click on the products of interest to learn more and order, shipping is next day delivery. If you have a formula that you would like producing, let us have the details and we will be happy to quote on producing this for you in a timely manor, mostly more competitive & quicker than other companies.

We understand the need to move quickly, producing formula quotes and production of your brand, so you can compete or be first to the market!

Gold Star Herbals have been producing the highest quality herbal supplements, Oils, Lotions and powder mixes for the past 25 years in the USA and the past 15 years in the UK, and have the best laboratories ready to assist you in all formula creation.

We have built our business through reliability, and a stringent quality control, exceeding the standards required by the FDA and GMP.





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